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Further explanation of a famous site; Taghe Shah Abbasi
Further explanation of a famous site; Taghe Shah Abbasi No dam could be considered a tourism attraction site unless being handmade, brick made, and belonging to Safavid era, and being located at the heart of desert. There is no way to avoid seeing it.Shahabbasi dam Or Shahabbasi vault enjoys all of aesthetic features, moreover, some claim that it is the thinnest dam in the world. This dam is located in the eastern mountains of Tabas city and 25 km to Kharv village.Being60 m high; it has been the highest dam for 500 years. In the past there was no vault over the rivers to block the water flow. The first structure was first made the construction took a long time. After finishing the structure, the water course was blocked by a small shortcut tunnel so that under the roof could be blocked by solid materials. In the final phase of construction, above the dam was also constructed with stones according to Shah Abbas's order. Shah Abbassi vault is the architectural masterpiece in the region the construction of which was aimed at prevention of water waste and seasonal flood waters. The mountains close to Tabas castle ghallat that are vertically shaped and climbing over which is impossible, there are rectangle shaped holes in the body of the mountains that are called the house of Gabr and are mysteriously mentioned among the residents of Tabas city. After the first investigations, it could be found that these holes function for water removal from the river to the other side of the mountain or water transmission to Tabas city , but they are in the current shape because of some parts of mountain fell down.Infact these holes acted like sorts of flume that transmitted water toTabas city. Source: Hamshahri newspaper Translated by: Mehrnaz zakeri
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