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About Iran » Customs recommendation for passengers and tourists of Iranian and NON-IRANIAN origin travelling to Iran

General prohibition of import and export of goods

One the basis of rules and regulations of I.R.Iran, import and export of some goods is totally prohibited. Some of those goods are as follow:

1. Alcoholic drink        

2. Gambling tools

3. Weapons, ammunition and explosive goods

4. Narcotic drugs

5. Magezines, photos, film and snaps and.… which is against religious and national dignity of the country.

6. Any type of writings against the official region of the country or discipline disturbance and public purity and national dignity.

7. Various type of goods which have legitimate and legal prohibit  and the import and export has not been prohibited according to the tariff table customs or special rules.(The export goods are exempted from paying custom duties and taxes but they should pay for the loading, unloading and warehousing)


Customs green/red channels

Green channels

Those passengers can pass green channel who:

A: Do not have the following goods:

1. Arms and ammunitions and flammable materials

2. Disks, audio/video tapes

3. Books and magazines against the Islamic republic and national believes of the country

4. Wireless telephone and sender

5. Seed, cutting, Flower blub

6. Gambling tools

7. Alchoholic drinks

8. Narcotics


B: Passengers who have had the first trip in the current year and did not use the passenger exemption in their previous trips.

C: Do not have business goods, and the value of their new goods does not exceed 80 dollars per person.


Red channels

Those passengers pass the red channel who:

1. Have had more than one trip to other counties in the current year.

2. Their goods aren`t considered for business, and it doesn`t cost more than legal level.

3. Have one of the eight above mentioned goods (in green channels)

Note 1:

Passing through the green channel does not mean that the customs do not perform the investigation of goods.

The customs officers can accidentally select some of the passengers of green channel for good investigation. After the investigation if they didn`t have the conditions for passing through the green channel, their declaration will be illegal and their goods will be considered as smudging.

Note 2:

If a passenger does not have any goods, or his/her goods cost less than 80 Dollars, in order to be able to use the remain of his /her exemption in his/her other trips, he/she should pass through red channel. The customs officers will mention the case in his/her passport.


Note 3:

In the case that no items have mentioned in the passenger`s passport, He/she can use the passenger exemption.

Customs can urge the passengers to complete the declaration presented to them at the gate of entry/exit, in order to investigate the passenger`s good according to their written declaration.

In case of any difference between the passenger`s goods and his/her declaration, the goods that are not mentioned in declaration or declared illegally supposed as smuggled goods.

General Customs Regulation related to accompany baggage


A) departure passenger

Any passenger leaving Iran can have his/her personal belonging within the limits of non-commercial nature. There is no limitation about the amount of transferable Iranian goods by each passenger but the amount for foreign transferable good is up to 160 Dollars.

The exit of antiques and handwriting books is prohibited.



Any passenger leaving Iran is allowed to take nuts with him/her if it`s not for mercantile). The Exit of carpet, pistachio, nuts and Saffron by those passengers whose destination is United Arab Emirates and Syria is prohibited.


Carpet and short-napped coarse carpet

The exit and entrance of hand knitted carpet is allowed up to 20 square meters and there is no limit in the number of carpets each passenger accompanies with him/her.

The exit of accompanied hand knitted carpet can be through earthly, aerial and also marine transportation.

The exit of precious carpets and objects with historical and cultural values is prohibited.


Foreign exchange

According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran`s central bank, the entrance of money is allowed in any amount. Of course the incoming passengers should fill in the currency declaration and take it to the Iranian national bank, located near the entrance gate and receive the receipt.

The export Iranian currency any country is allowed up to 5000 Dollars (equivalent to other foreign currencies).

The exit of currency higher than mentioned amount requires currency declaration or notification of related bank (or any other bank document which states the payment of the fee in paper currency from the currency account place or currency sell) by passenger.

The exit of currency can be in any forms including Cheques and bank traveler’s cheques.

The import and export of Iranian Rial is allowed up to 500.000 Rials.


Gold and Silver

The entrance of gold and silver (neck less, bracelet, earrings, watch and …) are only allowed for personal use, and the entrance of more than that requires central bank`s advance permission.

When exiting from Iran, each passenger is allowed to carry gold jeweler without any historical and cultural precious stones, up to 150 grams.

The exit of silver-made object without any historical and cultural precious is allowed up to 3 kilograms.

Handcraft and antiques

Passengers departing from Iran are not allowed to carry the following items:

1. Antiques

2. Original handcrafts

3. Handwriting books

4. Lithography print

5. Calligraphy handcrafts

6. Miniature papers

7. Antique coins

8. Any historical and cultural valued objects



Weapons and ammunitions

The Exit of weapons, ammunitions and military equipments is prohibited.


The Exit of any kind of drugs is prohibited


B) Arrival passenger

Any passenger who enters Iran should announce the amount of foreign currency carrying with hem/her

By filling in a declaration from, then, should be delivered to the bank situated in the airport. The Transfer of the declared amount will be allowed when leaving Iran at any time. The arrival passenger is allowed to bring an amount of permitted goods (160 Dollars) with him/her .The passengers can benefit from the following exemption (Duty free)

A) Annually, passengers  are allowed to import up to 80 dollars goods which is also exempted from paying customs duties and taxes, surplus to it (up to 85 Dollars) is required to pay customs duties and double amount of taxes.

B) In next trip, it is permitted to import goods up to 80 Dollars by paying customs duties and double mount of customs duties and taxes.

Any personal objects and belongings which are being accompanied by the passengers and are not mercantile are free from paying custom duties and taxes.

Raw material and outfit (technical tools) for generative unites will not be released by passengers.


General prohibition of import and export of goods

According to the rules and regulations of the Islamic republic of Iran, import or export of some goods (below) are prohibited:

1. Alcoholic drinks

2. Gambling tools

3. Weapons, ammunition and explosive materials

4. Narcotics and drugs

5. Obscene magazines, photo, film and snaps and any article which is against religious and national dignity

6. Any type of writing against the official religion of the country or any type of writing which can disturb the public peace.

7. Various type of goods which are religiously prohibited, or their import and export has been prohibited according to the custom tariff table or special rules.

* The entrance and exit of domestic animals and birds necessitate proving hygiene evidence from origin country and also the confirmation of vet organization

The entrance and exit of wild animals and birds requires evidence from environment organization.

*The entrance and exit of communications items (Tel, cordless phone…) requires justification from Tele communication ministry.

*The entrance and exit of plants (flower, sapling…) and requires justification from vegetal quarantine

*The entrance of living and fresh fish requires justification from agriculture ministry


Customs regulations related to import of automobile vehicle

Import of new second hand automobile to Islamic republic of Iran is just allowed when a certificate has been obtained from cabinet. National Iranians who reside in abroad are not allowed to import their automobile when returning.


The temporary Entrance of Automobile

The temporary entrance of passenger cars is possible as the following:

Aliens and Iranian who reside in abroad can temporarily import their automobiles by receiving the carnet de passage or tripque booklets from the motoring centers in the original country.

These automobiles should be exited from Iran when the permitted period (3 months) is over.

Passengers, who could not get the carnet de passage or triptique booklets in the origin country, should get the temporary admission license in the entrance frontier by putting deposit or bank band on security.

The Iranian residents who are out of the country can import their personal vehicle by carnet de passage booklet provided (their abroad residence shall not be less than 6 months)

Regulations about the Minor Asia passengers

Passengers and tourists, who come from common wealth countries to Iran, are allowed to transfer permitted goods. The total value of these goods should be equal to the amount of foreign exchange declared to the bank system when entering Iran.

If the values of these goods are up to 1000 dollars, passengers don`t have to get a foreign exchange statement.

Any additional amount will be possible only if the foreign exchange has transferred from abroad through bank system.

Import of goods by post

Clearance of goods imported by post, except religiously prohibit goods and only in a limited number, up to 5000 Rials, per person, is free from duties annually without the need to get any permission.

The regulation of import and export of goods by post

Dispatch of domestic products, except forbidden ones, is allowed with is no limitation.

Each person is allowed to send foreign goods up to 80 dollars, by post. No one is allowed to send hand knitted carpet by post.

The postage of antiques art works, inscriptions, and any kind of precious stones, coins and, medical drugs and food is prohibited.

General prohibition of dispatch of goods by post

Posting all articles and goods described in clause (1) is prohibited.

Clearance of some of apparatus, equipments and articles such as radio receiver, communication instrument, books and publication, tapes, computers and their parts and accessories, plant seeds, is subject to getting license from the relevant organization.

Dispatch of samples of goods

Dispatch the samples of goods, whether made in Iran or abroad, as a sample or in order to test, analyze and repair in a limited number is permitted.

The samples should be religiously

The samples shouldn`t be prohibited or antique.

Rules of posting acoustic properties and musical instruments

The sending of all kinds of acoustic properties, made of foreign musical instrument(made in Iran), in a limited number by post, is exempt from depositing foreign exchange guarantee cases confirmed by the ministry of Islamic guidance and culture.

By the permission of the aforementioned ministry, Dispatching all kinds of musical instrument (CD or tapes), for duplication, is permitted.

Other points

The secretion of any kind of goods from sight of the customs officials is considered elicit and will be subject to the laws of punishment.

Discrepancy between accompanied goods of the passengers and what has been declared in the customs declaration will be considered as a crime and subject the relevant rules.




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